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There is NO excuse for domestic violence.

Providing safe shelter and advocacy services to victims of domestic and sexual violence in the Lake of the Ozarks region.


What is an order of protection?

  • A legal order signed by a judge ordering the abusive party to stay away from you
  • Usually includes orders to refrain from abusing, threatening, molesting, or disturbing your peace
  • Stops all legal communication from your abuser

After Filing the Order of Protection

  • The judge looks over your filing
  • Either an Exparte or a Notice of Hearing will be granted
    • An exparte is a temporary Order of Protection lasting until your court date
    • A Notice of Hearing means the judge sets a court date to hear more evidence before granting the Order of Protection
  • If given an Exparte, keep your copy with you at all times!
    • You must return to court on the date of your hearing, or the Order of Protection will be terminated.
    • You must report every violation of the Order of Protection to the police.

Full Order of Protection Hearing

  • The Respondent must be served 72 hours before the court date
  • If Respondent doesn't make the court date, the judge may grant you the Full Order of Protection.
  • If Respondent has an attorney, it is best that you ask for another court date so you can seek your own legal representation.

An advocate from CADV/VOC is available to further discuss what may happen and to go along with you to court for the Full Order of Protection Hearing.