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Best Charitable Gifts to Make in 2018

With the introduction of tax reform this year, you may be looking at your finances and wondering how you can continue to be charitable.  There are many ways you can make a difference at CADV while enjoying financial benefits for yourself.

Here are some smart ways to give in 2018:

  • Donate appreciated stock:  with the stock market at or near all-time highs, give your appreciated stocks to a nonprofit like CADV and eliminate capital gains tax.
  • Name us as a beneficiary of retirement plan assets:  These assets remain taxable when distributed to a loved one but are tax-free when given to a nonprofit.
  • Give from your IRA (if age 70.5 or older):  Regardless of whether you itemize your taxes, this gift helps you fulfill your required minimum distribution and is not considered taxable income.
  • Gifts of real estate:  Many real estate markets are enjoying gains. Appreciated real estate may be subject to capital gains tax unless donated to charity or transferred to a charitable trust. 
  • Consider utilizing our 50% tax credits for any monetary donation over $100.

Talk with your Tax Professional:  Please consult with your tax or financial advisors to determine the best charitable giving strategies for you.

While donations of goods are very much appreciated, our limited storage space makes overcrowding of supplies an issue.  However, gift cards to places which offer supplies (Walmart, Gerbes, Sav A Lot, Dollar General), are always helpful-or you could consider s small but regular monetary donation to cover ongoing supplies.


Volunteer Your Time

Volunteers are the backbone of CADV. Our volunteers are extraordinary people who give much of their time and energy so that CADV can run smoothly. These people are as important to the operating of the center as the Board and Staff. We appreciate all they do for us and for those whom we provide services to.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, the following are some positions available and brief descriptions. Each requires agency training and criminal background check before beginning.

  • Crisis Line Work
    Volunteer answers 24-hr hotline to provide telephone crisis intervention, information, and referral and complete a Hotline Contact Sheet documenting each call received.

  • Hospital Advocate
    Involves face-to-face contact with victims and their families. Advocates are on call for a scheduled period of time each month. Advocates will respond as needed to the hospital emergency department to provide support and information to domestic and sexual violence victims that are brought in to be treated and their injuries documented.

  • Administrative/Clerical Support
    Assists the administrative staff with daily duties including answering the office telephone, making copies, filing, preparing mailings, maintaining databases, etc.

  • Transportation
    Provides transportation for clients and their children to and from various locations such as Dr. appointments, pharmacies, attorneys, school activities, etc.

  • Child Care
    Provides child care for women during support groups, educational groups, court, and Dr. appointments. Many of these hours are Tuesday evenings while mothers (both sheltered and not) are attending support group.

  • Life Skills Class Facilitator
    Trains residents in life skills, such as balancing check books, finances, basic health care, and dietary needs for selves and children.

  • Informational Booths & Speakers Bureau
    Provides assistance with planning and implementing special events such as school fairs, health fairs, church events, and educational booths throughout the Tri-County area.

  • After Care Program
    Provides transitional assistance to specific clients in moving through the continuum of care necessary for a violence-free life after shelter or other CADV services.

  • Building & Yard Maintenance
    Assists with general maintenance such as painting, carpentry, electrical, trimming trees, mowing, etc.

  • Donations
    Assists with picking up, sorting through, and distributing donations received.

  • Translation
    We see a growing number of victims in our community that speak little or no English. We are in need of volunteers who are fluent in foreign languages such as Spanish, Russian and others to translate so that victims may also receive the same high-quality crisis services that English speaking victims receive.



Each survivor has different needs at different times, but some of those needs are universal. Access to clean clothes, hygiene products, hair and body care products, diapers and toys for their children--all of these needs are always with us and always changing. Your cash donation helps provide the right items at the right time to help our survivors right away.

$25 a month provides hair and body care products for a family

$50 a month helps purchase diapers for a family

$100 provides for a week of shelter for a family.



We are a 501c-3 Organization. This means all or part of your donation may be tax deductible. Contact your accountant for more information.

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